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Within the last month there have been 86,808 of searches on
the term “work at home job” or some variation such as “work
from home job” or “legitimate work at home job”. Using those
terms to search on Google, the first listed website says for
a fee, you can access its job database which includes the
ever questionable “assembly work”. The second site is full
of work-at-home schemes but no jobs. Another site offers a
book you can buy that includes known work-at-home no-no’s
envelope stuffing and assembly work companies. The fifth
site is a reputable work-at-home vortal that does offer job
listings except that many of the listings aren’t jobs. Its
not until the 8th and 9th sites listed that we come across
resources with legitimate jobs.

To the inexperienced work-at-home job hunter, determining
which sites offer legitimate work is not easy. They all seem
like professional sites with bells and whistles and
guarantees. Many sites require money and while you don’t
want to pay money to get hired to a job, paying for access
to a good work-at-home job database or ebook could save you
a lot of time and hassle. If you decided to stick to free
sites, you are still vulnerable to online schemes that are
disguised as jobs. So how is the novice work-at-home job
hunter to know the difference between a quality job site and
those that are a waste of time?

When searching for a work-at-home job, it’s important to
think of your job search like any other job search. If you
were looking for a traditional job, where would you look?
Odds are you’d use your newspaper classified ads. You would
look in a specific section…the “Help Wanted” section because
that is where companies advertise their job openings. When
searching for a work-at-home job, you want to do the
same…search where companies are posting their jobs online.

The most well-known job search sites are and

These sites are good for the work-at-home job hunter as
well. Simply visit the site, register for free to take
advantage of all the sites offer and search using terms such
as “telecommute” or “work-at-home”. Another great site is

which has a “telecommute” option in his job search portal.

In all three job search sites listed above, you do need to
be aware that biz ops and other schemes do post ads so not
every announcement in your results list will be a true job.
How can you tell the good from the bad? In most cases, the
questionable “jobs” will be listed 100’s of times and will
have titles like “Work At Home!” Another tip off to a
non-job is the request for money to hire you usually worded
as “fees to cover our expenses” or “fees to set up your
account.” Legitimate jobs are listed by the job function
such as “writer” or “bookkeeper” although you will want to
screen carefully any job title of “typist” or “clerical” as
these are common job titles for scams.

Other great resources for finding legitimate jobs are the
work-at-home job databases; however, you need to research
these services carefully. Not all are good.  To avoid losing
money in a bad work-at-home job database, stay away from any
service that says you can find jobs in envelope stuffing,
email processing, assembly work or any other programs that
most work-at-home experts agree are scams. Any legitimate
work-at-home job database will not promote questionable
programs. I would also stay away from those that promote
surveys or mystery shopping too much. While you can make
money at these things, you are not likely to earn a big
income and they are not really “jobs”.  The work-at-home job
databases I like best are not free but for the person who is
serious about landing a work-at-home job, it will be worth
the investment because these sites not only list
work-at-home jobs, but most will screen them for legitimacy
thereby saving you time and worry. My favorites are


(by far the most affordable),

Virtual Assistance, and

Freelance Work Exchange Each offers 100’s
of jobs posted each week.

If you can’t afford the work-at-home databases but are
struggling to find legitimate work on the free job search
sites, try visiting work-at-home vortals (portal sites
specializing in work-at-home). Good sites have job postings
either on the site or in its newsletter. Work-At-Home
Success’s newsletter posts
carefully screened legitimate jobs each week. There are many
other good work-at-home vortal sites from which to choose. Again,
stay away from any work-at-home resource offering questionable
programs such as envelope stuffing or assembly work. Any
work-at-home resource that advertises or promotes these
programs should be crossed off your list of viable
work-at-home resources.

Work-at-home jobs are actually very easy to find IF you know
where and how to look for them. The sites listed above will
give you good start on zeroing on legitimate work-at-home

Leslie Truex is a work-at-home consultant and author of Jobs
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