Home Based Business Tip: Use a Blog For Your Article Table Of Contents Home Based Business Tip: Use a Blog For Your Article Table Of Contents
Author: Mike Makler

Adding Articles to a Web Page and Keeping the Table of Contents Updated can be a Cumbersome Task for any Web Master. For a Home Based Business Owner who may not be that comfortable with FTP and HTML etc it can be an even more Daunting and Time Consuming Task. Especially when the Time can be better served doing the other chores involved with an Online Business.

Using a Blog as an Article Table of Contents actually kills 2 Birds with one Stone so to speak.

  • 1. It as an Easy Way to Update Your Table of Contents

  • 2. Since you use Blogs to Publicize Your Web Page it Forces you
    to update Your Blog Whenever you Update Your Web Page.

An Example Article Table of Contents Blog can be found here

Here is a A Simple Step by Step Guide on How to create and Display an Article Table of Contents for a Web Page Using Blogs and a free online Blog to Java Script Conversion Tool.

Step 1 Get a Free Blog

Many Companies on the Internet offer free Blog. is a great one to use since they are owned by Google (Yes those Search engine guys - Hint Hint)

Step 2 Update Your Blog

Whenever you Add an Article to your Home Based Business Web Page. Just go to your Article Table of Contents Blog and Add an Entry with a brief keyword Rich Description of the web page or pages you added. Don't forget to Hyperlink to your new Home Based Business Web Page. If you add multiple pages on the same topic you may just want to create a table of contents for all the pages you added and then just create one blog entry for this table of contents.

Here is an Example of a what a blog entry for a Table of contents
for Mark Joyner article collection might look like

  • I recently heard Mark Joyner Speak. He said that if he had a highly targeted E-mail List, he could send out an E-mail and have a 100% Open Rate. He said he would send an E-mail to recently married men (the list is highly targeted) with Subject ~name~ Pictures of me with your Wife Naked. Mark Joyner said 100% of the people who received this e-mail would open it, the problem is their 'frame of mind' when they realized that you were just tricking them into openning it. Mark Called this Framing. It is not enough to get people to click you need to have them in the right Frame when they do click. For more wisdom by Mark Joyner you may want to view this collection of Articles by Mark Joyner

  • .

Step 3 Use pingomatic

After you update your blog you now would use Ping-O-Matic to tell the Blog Search Engines that you updated your blog (

Step 4 Add The Blog Table of Contents to Your Web Pag

Placing the Articles Table of Contents on your Web Page is as easy using a free Web Based Service that will take your Blog and Convert it to Java Script. You Simply take the Java Script Code and Place it on your Web Page. One Such free Service is Feed to Java Script -

Here are some recommended to use with Feed To Java Script above in
order to Make your Feed Readable and Useful.

  • Show Channel I use Yes (You can choose what you want)

  • Number of items to display - Use "500" to Display The Last 500

  • Show/Hide item descriptions? How much? - Use "1" To Display Full

  • Use HTML in item display? - Yes this will Display all URL's in
    your Blog as Hyper linked. This is Key

  • Show Item Posting Date - I use N This is up to You

  • Targets Link in New Window - I use Y for yes this is a Matter of
    your own Taste

  • UTF 8 - Is a Matter of Taste I leave unchecked

  • Custom CSS I Leave Blank

Next you can Click Style to create a Custom Style Sheet for Your Feed.

Now that you have your Blog table of Contents you can another way to use it would be making a 2nd Java Script with the most recent 3 or 4 items in your Web Page and Add this Feed to your Web Pages so you have Dynamic Content throughout your site.

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