Getting the most out of Private Label Right Articles
Copyright © 2005 Dave Markel

Private Label Right (PLR) articles are a great way to add valuable content to your web site or online business. In essence they are articles that you pay to use and get the right to change, modify, and alter as you please. You can rewrite them as you see fit and call them your own work.

Many PLR sites require you to join as a member with monthly fees. The number of articles varies from a few dozen per month to several hundred and everything in between. The monthly fees also vary, but most are under $70 per month. Most if not all sites have limited their membership to help prevent the search engine rankings from being saturated with the same articles. These articles are very good value with most offering great articles for under a buck each.

With the right to alter the articles as you want there are numerous possible uses. The most common use for PLR articles is to simply create valuable web content for your web site. Often articles are used as is but for a higher success rate and added quality it is recommended to rewrite the articles somewhat to make them different. This is something you can easily do yourself or hire a writer to do it for you.

Another use is to have the articles completely rewritten and submitted to article directories. For a fraction of the cost of getting original content produced you can get truly great content that can be submitted to article directories to help boost the link popularity of your site or used simply as original web content.

Some people use the articles as content for E-books or their online newsletters. It is especially great when sending out installments by email. Every day your subscriber gets a new value filled article, what could be better? This is a great way to give valuable content to your readers and make a few sales along the way.

One fellow is using the articles to create new content. He is taking bits of different articles and makes new content that is completely unique. By combining certain paragraphs from different articles will ensure that you are creating original content. He places the articles on his site to the delight of the search engines and his site visitors.

Rewriting the articles is the best way to use any articles you get from a PLR site. Face it, with even 100 people using the same article and keywords it is inevitable that someone will be competing with you with the same article. When you rewrite the articles even 50% this makes them your own unique content that no one else is offering. Target them to your own specific keywords or customer interests and please the search engines as well.

Combining the original articles that were created from your PLR membership with affiliate programs is a common way to monetize a website. Search engines are demanding good, informational content that is on topic and as a result is giving sites that provide this type of content better placing in their rankings. Good articles help a site rank better and receive more traffic; the affiliate program converts that traffic into sales.

For anyone who is in need of large amounts of excellent content that is not being used by 1000ís of other should consider using PLR sites. They are cost effective and a great way to leverage your time. With a small amount of work you can have the articles altered and have unique and interesting content. Remember to read the Terms of Use for each site that you join because the terms do vary from site to site.


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