Working at Home - A Realistic Alternative
Cathy Bryant

Today, more than ever, working at home is a dream that can
be achieved.

With the advent of technology that allows people to
communicate all over the world from their own home office,
many individuals are now working at home who would not have
had such an opportunity in the past. Not only are employees
able to telecommute, but also many people - young and old -
have discovered that it is entirely possible to earn a
significant income working from home by learning the many
ways the internet makes this possible.

The ability to earn an income at home using the opportunities
provided by the internet and advanced techology is wide-
ranging. It is certainly not a "one size fits all" world
online, any more than it is offline. People have different
personalities, so what works for one individual may not be
suitable for another.

The advantages of working at home are many; no traffic
problems to contend with, flexible hours, and a casual
environment are just a few of these. In addition, many
parents - both moms and dads - are learning that by
taking advantage of the work at home opportunities
provided by today's technology, they have the ability
to be home with their children. This has resulted in a
large increase of work at home moms, as these women have
seized the opportunity to help support their families
while at the same time maintaining the ability to be home
with their young children rather than shuffling them off
to day care.

Although opportunities abound for people who wish to earn
an income from home, one trait that they must develop is
that of discipline. Because they are not sitting in an
office somewhere with a supervisor looking over their
shoulder, it is up to the work at home entrepreneur to
motivate himself or herself. In addition, when one begins
working at home - particularly if they wish to earn an
income from one of the various internet opportunities
that are available - they will soon learn that it requires
long periods of isolation. Some people are simply not
suited to this type of work and find that they miss the
office environment and long for the social interaction
it provides.

However, the rewards for those who are persistent are
profound. There are many people now earning signficant
incomes from home - sometimes in the six-figure range.
But they didn't do it overnight. Instead, they took a
consistent, methodical approach to their business,
learning the techniques and keeping up with the constant
changes that are part of the new technology.

If you are truly serious about working at home, know that
it can be done. But also be aware that it takes some time
to develop a strategy that will allow you to earn a
significant income. The rewards, however, are great. Those
who choose to pursue a home-based income will find that the
satisfaction of being able to work at home and chart their
own destiny is what continues to motivate them to pursue
excellence in the home business environment.


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