Making Sales Copy Easy to Read
Copyright © 2006 Joseph Farinaccio

You want your sales letter or ad copy to be easy to read. The following elements help make copy reading easy on the eyes. And easy to understand.

Reading your sales copy shouldn’t be a chore for anyone. It must be reader-friendly.

So you’ll want to...

A) Break Up the Copy

This means no long paragraphs. No thick blocks of text. Using short, punchy sentences.

Think of how you read. You’re a busy person. You want information... now... fast. You don’t like reading a never-ending pile of words. You like to see lots of white space on the paper or computer screen in front of you. It’s easier on the eyes.

Sales letter copy must be written so it can be scanned easily. Many readers are scanners - - especially on the web.

B) Use Contractions Wherever Possible

As a general copy rule...

DO NOT use “do not” when you can use “don’t.” You see what I mean?

Say things like: I’ve, you’ve, you’re, you’ll, we’ll, that’s, he’d, would’ve, there’s, they’re, you’d, who’s, let’s, it’s, it’ll, he’s, she’s, aren’t, haven’t, can’t, and shouldn’t ... etc.

It gives your copy a conversational tone. It helps it flow.


Your reader will generally like Subheads (short, easy to read headlines). And put them in BOLD.

They help to effectively communicate the benefits in your sales message. It makes reading easier while the reader is scanning your sales copy.

D) Use bullet points for lists (or potential lists). Bullet points are…

1) easy to read

2) easy to scan

3) easy on the eyes

4) just like this

E) Put a “you-orientation” in your copy. Say things like, “We’ll help you save money,” instead of, “We help our clients save money.”

F) Use fonts and font colors in a uniform way ... to shoot for a smooth look. These elements provide a consistent and unified presentation to your reader.

A great deal of sales material is too “busy.” The human brain can’t process all of the information being thrown at it. That means less readership ... and less sales.

You want all sales media (including webpages, sales letters, ads and brochures) to be simply designed and visually consistent. These small things will go a long way in making your sales copy easy to read - and effective.


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