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A "thought" might be haunting you since you have started online - "What the heck a super affiliate does to earn thousands of dollars every month?"

In this issue, I'm giving you a THREE DAY ACTION PLAN to become the next "Super Affiliate".

Get started Ö

Action Plan for Day Number One

Research and find SIX Internet businesses of YOUR CHOICE.

Concentrate on the words - "YOUR CHOICE". This is the first success factor in building your online wealth. Don't just go and choose the six well performing businesses which every Tom, Dick or Harry is promoting. Choose something in the area, which interests you most.

For example, if gardening is something that makes you excited, go to and type "gardening secrets" or "gardening based online business".

At the end of the day one, you should have at least six opportunities in your hands, which qualify the following two decisive factors.

Decisive Factor One - It should be a well performing site. Decisive Factor Two - It should be of your interest.

Remember these two points while selecting an opportunity. You can check the site's performance by visiting and checking the site's ranking.

Note down the contact details, few details on how the order process for the site works and any other important data available on the site such as name of the site owner, his telephone number or sales sheet.

That's for day one. Expected time to finish the research - 8 hours.

Action Plan for Day Number Two

You have details of the six chosen opportunities. Now, you need to do a small write up on each of the six online opportunities (businesses) you have chosen.


All you have to do is write it in a form of a personal letter to your friend to whom you are telling about your chosen websites.

To help you, I have included the bullets which you may follow while writing up.

Bullet 1: Your opening sentence should start with something like this- "I found this product (or service) in the ::Month:: of ::Year:: when I was ::traveling to XXX:: or ::having a coffee::".

This opening sentence comforts the reader instantly because you are now revealing the first hand experience to them.

They will start believing you the moment they will read this sentence and you have won 50% of the game.

Bullet 2: Mention how the product solves a problem and how it works. Try to find a penetrating problem, which can be solved by using the product you have selected. Write about the solution of the problem.

Bullet 3: Give some EXACT & PRECISE data using the sentences - "Incase of any problem or questions, you can contact the product owner over the telephone at this number ::NUMBER HERE:: or you can email him at ::EMAIL HERE::. Based on my experience, he normally takes 24 hours to get back to you. And if you are in the same city, you can reach him in his office at ::ADDRESS::"

This increases the trust level in the reader for the product and its owner.

Bullet 4: Explain the order process. BUT DO NOT MENTION THE PRICE YET. Simply say something like - "You may check the current price of the product on the main website but let me tell you how easy it is to order from there. It just requires....explain the order process here."

Bullet 5: Closing - Give your contact details. Say something like this - "And if you want to get some more information regarding the usage of this product, you can call me or email me.Ē

Write up for each product should not be more than 200 words. Remember, you are PRE-SELLING and not SELLING.

This activity should not take more than six hours. After finishing it, take some rest and come back.
......... ......... .........

Okay, letís create the web page for your new affiliate website.

Remember, you don't have to be a trendy web designer to do this. Simply use any HTML editor to create your web page.

I personally use Frontpage 2000. You can use Dreamweaver or even Microsoft Word.

Remember the golden rule! The simplest sites generate the biggest sales.

Have some sound sleep and come back afresh tomorrow morning because itís going to be a real excited day as we are going to setup your first online business and will be talking about how to promote your site in a best way to keep generating sales.

Action Plan for Day Number Three

Okay, you have a website ready. Now what?

Next activity is to make your website live. And for that, you need a web hosting account. If you already have a web hosting account, simply upload the web page you have created and all the images, if any, to your web server.

Then this page should be visible on your domain.

If you don't have a website, look no further and simply go and order your web hosting account from

They are undoubtedly HOT these days. You'll receive a military level support and service from them.

So, your new website is live. Now comes the most crucial question - Promoting it to generate sales after sale. Sad, but this is where most of the people fail and then quit.

But I won't let you quit so easily ;-)


Here's a marketing plan for your new affiliate website. This should generate you enough sales to generate money for the paid advertising next month onwards.

To-Do's #1: Go to and type the same keyword, which you have used while researching for opportunities during day 1 activity.

Add "FORUM" at the end. For example, if you have selected "gardening" bases opportunities, type "gardening forum" in the google search bar.

Select at least three online forums, which appears good to you and which has the most active and largest community.

Create your free account with them. And start HELPING people by answering their questions in 1-2 short lines. Before doing that, create a signature file (most of the forum allows signature lines) which has a link back to your new website.

Do this activity daily. MAKE POSTING IN FORUMS A HABIT.

And you'll start seeing the results in just few days.

To-Do's #2: This is rather a MUST DO if you want a surge of traffic for your site. This is all about going back to your good old school days and writing short essays on any randomly chosen topic.

Yes, Iím talking about writing few small articles on your selected niche, example gardening tips and then start submitting them in article directories. The best way to locate article directories with a good subscriber base is to visit and type the keyword " article directories".

Visit the first few results. Spend some time to make yourself familiar with their terms and then send them your article.

Once they accept your article, it will be shown to their thousands of readers and you'll receive thousands of hits to your website when people will read your article and click on your by-line where a link to your website is given.

This is the best form of free advertising you can receive online.

But this is NOT where I leave you after giving you few tips

I go one step forward and will show you a way to keep track of your progress. I truly want your success. For that, I have created a special section on my forum where you can post your tasks, keep track of your progress and share the results with the other readers.

Simply visit to this special section of my forum and post the details of your six chosen businesses, the website you have created, the article you have written or your questions, if any.

It's here:

I may not be able to answer your questions directly but there are many helpful people on the board, including the moderators, who will certainly help you out in building up your first affiliate website.

Note: To access the above shown section of the forum, youíll require a password. Posting is allowed only for the readers of this issue. The password to access your board section is ď3dsaĒ Make a note of this password so that you donít have to refer this issue whenever you want to access the forum.

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