Why You Should Write An Article, Today!
Copyright © 2005 Jim Boere

Do you own an online business? A web site? Are you promoting affiliate programs? Then you should be writing articles.

Why? Let me ask you, what is the main purpose of your web site?

Of course itís this: to make sales. And to make sales you first need traffic. You somehow need to get visitors to your web site if you want to be successful.

And hereís the thing...writing articles and publishing them on the Internet is a very effective way of achieving just that!

Instead of spending your time and money on ineffective means of advertising, write a short article every now and then.

Write about recent developments and trends in your niche or area of expertise, about the product or service youíre selling. Teach people how to do something, or give them practical tips. Predictions work well, too. The list of possibilities is almost endless.

There are numerous article directories out there, and they will be happy to add your article to their online directories.

Where people like yourself look for good content to reprint on their web sites or in their newsletters. So your article gets read and the readers learn about you, your business, your web site, your product.

But that's not all.

It gets distributed and reprinted over and over again, constantly reaching new readers! Without any effort from your part, besides submitting your article to a few directories!

The positive effects could last for literally years.

People who enjoyed reading your article and found your information useful, will be tempted to (re-)visit your web site. And tell their friends and business relations about it.

The result is free, targeted visitors over a long period of time. These visitors are hot prospects, because they are already interested in your business or offer...

Now thatís the kind of traffic you want!
Thatís the kind of traffic that will result in sales!

And thatís still not all you will gain from writing and publishing articles. Did you realize it will considerably improve your web sitesí search engine rankings as well?

See, the search engines constantly scan (they call it "spider") the Internet looking for new content to keep their listings updated. They scan the high-traffic, very popular web sites more often than sites with little traffic. As article directory sites are such high-traffic and popular sites, the search engines will pick up the links to YOUR web site so much faster. Because at the bottom of each article you add a "resource box", which of course contains a link back to your web site!

Let me ask you one more question...

How many times have you been told that you need to buy some expensive software product or hire a specialized company to get your web site even submitted to those same search engines? Plenty of times, Iíll bet!

Write a new article regularly, get it published online (in as many article directories as you can), and let the search engines find YOU instead. It will happen, automatically.

By now I hope you begin to realize the huge benefits publishing online has, and what it could mean for your business.

Give it a try, you wonít regret it.

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