Habits Sizzling Salespeople Have in Common

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Patricia Drain, author of Sell the Sizzle, had the opportunity to
interview 177 top sales producers, both male and female, from all
backgrounds. She discovered several main points in common.

“Each of these individuals knew exactly what I meant when I
talked about selling the sizzle. After interviewing them, I
discovered that each individual followed certain daily habits
that took them to the level of Top Producer in their profession,”
says Patricia.

7 Habits That Top Sales Producers Have in Common Are:

Habit #1: Develop a PLAN. Sizzling salespeople plan their days,
weeks and months.

They set goals in place and work their plan to exceed those

Habit #2: They Create a Clear FOCUS. Sizzling salespeople ALWAYS
stay focused on their specialty and their plan. They stay focused
by prioritizing each day.

Habit #3: They Ask QUESTIONS. Sizzling salespeople understand
and utilize the art of asking the right questions. They list the
RIGHT questions to ask when sizzle selling.

Habit #4: They SHARPEN Their Skills. Sizzling salespeople
understand the importance of sharpening their saws. They invest
in the resources needed to assure ongoing training.

Habit #5: They Understand the Power of NUMBERS. They understand
that to increase their sales, they must increase their prospects,
customer base and sales volume.

Habit #6: They Know How to Stay in CONTROL. Sizzling
salespeople stay in control of themselves to stay on track. They
use this control to keep a personal balance in their lives.

Habit #7: They Have a Strong BELIEF SYSTEM. Sizzling
salespeople believe they are worthy of the highest earnings,
commissions or salary, and that their time is extremely valuable.

Patricia Noel Drain is an international author
and speaker living in Arizona. Visit her online