New Website Promotion Tools and Resources
Copyright 2005 Jack Humphrey

Website Promotion Tools and Resources
by Jack Humphrey

There are some quick and easy ways to keep your site in good shape and in front of the people you most want to visit you. That is, if all the tools and resources are in one place and you can easily access them for regular promotion.

There now exists a free webmaster community site (which used to be a $67 a month membership site) that is now a free resource for anyone who owns a site and wants to learn to promote it like the pros do.

The site is Here are some valuable tools you will find inside:

1) Niche Directory List - This exhaustive list of directories was put together by several people across several forums. It is a list of directories you must submit to by hand. There are some that won't apply to your site, so you should only submit to the relevant directories in your market.

Submitting your site to the search engines is one thing, but there are hundreds of directories that are valuable to have links in. They are all at

2) Syndication Center - A very extensive list of places on the web that you MUST submit your articles to for higher traffic, bigger lists, and more sales. If you aren't reaching outside of your little spot on the web with syndication, you are far behind the times. This is where you can learn how to place a lot more links to your site around the web - links that matter!

3) A lot of people in online business don't like to write. This is understandable, and there are tools that can help you create clear, concise viral articles that you will be proud to syndicate all over the web. It's called the Traffic Machine and it is only at It's free like the rest of the tools we have there - but make no mistake; The value of this tool alone to your business is extremely high.

4) Learning Center and Training - If you are at the beginner or intermediate level with website promotion, you will enjoy tools I have put together for training including several hundred articles and ebooks and reports that other people are charging for. Again, we thought it would be nice to have everything under one roof for our users, so you can take action and directly promote your site with some tools and learn to promote better with other tools, all in the same friendly place.

There are a lot more resources, software, ebooks, reports, articles, services, and networking opportunities available to online marketers at

We thought it would be good to get this information out to the internet small business community so that people knew there was something online of true value that you don't have to pay to gain access to, unlike so very many other sites out there.

The bottom line is: You can take the money and time you save looking for the right tools and training to promote your site and use it for paid advertising and other things your business needs right now that are not free.

All in all, we seek to build a larger community of business owners who share one thing in common: the need for targeted traffic and the tools to get more of it.

We built it, now come on in and make yourself at home!


Jack Humphrey is the CEO of and the author of Power Linking 2: Evolution, located at